Wednesday, June 30, 2010

D.I.S. - "Critical Failure" CD

Solid and punchy aggro punk-metal from some scene veterans, the debut from D.I.S. delivers 10 hard and heavy gems on this brief 10-song, 26-minute assault. There are definitely signposts of genre-mashing here -- the urgency and raw, declarative vocals of hardcore, and the metallic guitar chug of Swedish "D-beat". Tracks like "Extend This Misery" are just crushing beatdowns, with pile-driving fists flying across the dirty club. "Bleed Forward" is punk on 'roid-rage, ending the melee with blood and shards of bone.
Most hardcore (as in NYHC) bores me with it's meathead jock mentality, but these guys synthesize it well with darker metal here. The lightning tempos don't step down, so the album's brevity is a strength. And, the production here is top-notch, capturing the band with crisp highs and punchy lows (didn't get any album credits, sorry, so I can't congratulate the producer). Smashes the shit out of most of their metalcore brethren. Unquestionably. (Deep Six Records)


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