Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ethernet - "144 Pulsations Of Light" CD

Using sound as a meditative or healing instrument isn't a new idea. In fact, this is likely among the earliest applications for music itself. Tim Gray (who is Ethernet) seeks to re-establish the self-healing and trance-provoking elements of ambient sound on his debut here. Beginning with the drones of "Majestic", Gray's shimmering pulses are grounded by an underlying 808 backbeat -- a singular, simplistic rhythm. "5 + 7 = 12" is almost melodic, as a lilting loop is placed among the electronic textures and field recordings. That dubby back-rhythm, combined with the trancey natural landscapes, reminds me a bit of the landmark work of Wolfgang Voigt as Gas, although Ethernet is more drone-based and hazy/distant. "Summer Insects" drops the beats entirely, and becomes even more effective and organic, like a paean to a lost rainforest. "Seaside" is a calming affirmation, while "Kansai" is more upbeat. The closer, "Temple", is a celestial gem that sparkles and gently lulls. This is some righteously beautiful and timeless work, and here's to hoping that Ethernet can continue on this splendid, nature-oriented path. (Kranky)


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