Thursday, October 15, 2009

N.Strahl.N / Metek - "Drowning Devices" CDR

This collaboration between a pair of obscure avante sound-artists from Germany (N.Strahl.N, aka W.Loehr) and Sweden (Metek, aka F.Nilsson) is a series of subtle, cinematic, and often dark experimental/industrial-type soundscapes, often minimalistic and sparse yet wholly effective. It seems that most of "Drowning Devices" consists of field recordings with processing and electronic effects, and Loehr and Nilsson utilize these with a strong sense of tension and restraint. "Ambient 8", for example, creeps along like a shadow along a wall, perhaps hinting at a presence unseen. "Komfort" is very much in the realm of ambient-industrial, with the humming of what sounds like big machines in a spooky, long-abandoned warehouse. Perfect for creating your own '"Saw" scenario! Hah! "Eiserne Reserve" is a quiet mix of grinding metal, drones, and cavernous reverberations. Superb work, and a top-notch soundtrack to your paranoid thoughts. (Cohort Records)



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