Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sanctification - "Black Reign" CD

Formed from members of Swedish death metallers Dark Funeral and Hypocrisy, this group spews forth 9 crushing blurs of American-style death metal over the course of a scant 30 minutes. All the trademarks are in place, from the chest-rattling blastbeats, to the throat-gargled vocals, to torrential guitar riffs. In a genre like this, production is uber-important, too, and the work of the Tagtgren brothers (Tommy and Peter) is clear and precise, with just the right amount of crunchy lows and bass response. Very effective! It's difficult to single out any certain tracks here, as it all goes by so quickly, with little time to regroup before the next swell of gargantuan bombast. Lyrics? Are you kidding? They could be singing about Sesame Street for all I care. This crunches, and if classic death metal is your bag, these guys are already better than any Cannibal Corpse I've ever heard.
(Pulverised Records)


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