Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nudge - "As Good As Gone" CD

Nudge have both melodies and rhythms (and vocals). But, does that make them "pop" music? In a skewered, left-of-center way, I think it does. A kind of collaborative group featuring members of fellow Kranky acts Valet (Honey Owens), Strategy (Paul Dickow), and Fontanelle (Brian Foote), Nudge's sound encompasses bits of ambient pop, dub, and psychedelische musik, and sounds like a woozy, trippy, and cosmic sound-collision, as seen from behind a foggy, steamy glass window. Opening with the wide-eyed "Harmo", the album veers into more song-oriented (but still drifty) territory with cuts like the obtuse "Tito", before it all settles down to the fleeting closer, "Dawn Comes Light". Throughout, Owens' vocals are sparse and delicate, even almost bluesy in spots, while the music behind her is electronic, quirky, and really quite otherworldly. It's a pop music that isn't meant for the charts. And that is refreshing and commendable. (Kranky)


Nudge on Kranky

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Jason said...

I discovered Nudge from KCRW, and I really like this album. Reminds me of Greg Davis, Lomov, Tarentel, Loscil and especially 1 Mile North. Great stuff!