Saturday, September 12, 2009

Paul Lemos - "Sludge" LP

This forgotten oldie from 1989 was released on Dossier Germany, on clear vinyl only, though certain cuts (albeit in different mixes, it seems) have appeared on other Controlled Bleeding releases of the era ("Trudge", "Scourging Ground", "Songs From The Ashes", etc.). In fact, Lemos' "Sludge" could easily stand as a mid-period Controlled Bleeding "best of", as it features a variety of styles and sounds, and includes the participation of both Joe Papa (vocals) and Chris Moriarty (sampling, probably drums). The percussive "Hog Rhythm" flows into the industrial-beat sounds of "Now Is The Time", which recalls both Laibach as well as Skinny Puppy a little - strident and noisy. "Swallowing Scrap Metal" is a brief (under 2-minute) snippet of brutal feedback scarring, recorded live in 1983. Side B features the neo-gothic mutant-opera of "Music For Tape And Voice", and the more subtle 15-minute proto-classical/ambient "In Dark Waters". Really a fine recording that runs the gamut between shredding noise, industrial beat sounds, and weirdo avante ambient. (Dossier Germany)

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