Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Into Beer!

Ah, though the briskness of Winter is still here, it's not long for this world...and this month's beer-a-thon is a wholly international one! That has absolutely nothing to do with Spring, but...

This month I was granted some time with some exceptional craft brews, indeed! As for the ratings, 5 is godlike, 4 is excellent, 3 is average, 2 is drinkable, 1 is swill. As ever, I urge you all to seek out independent brewers for your drinking pleasure.

LOWENBRAU - ORIGINAL (Munich, Germany) - 2.5

The legendary Lowenbrau name was tarnished a bit in the 70's as corporate American brewers changed the 'recipe' for American tastes. This, however, is the real thing. This lager pours crystal-clear and foamy, and the taste has a subtly sour finish. A typically Munich-style lager, this one's not at all bad, but nor is it outstanding. For fans of Heineken.


This one's a pale yellow in color, with fair head retention. Initial sniff reveals an almost fruity scent, and the taste is rich and full, with an almost biscuity, malty overtone. A very mild finish, though. This one's outstanding for it's class, solid and full of character.

WITTEKERKE (Belgium) - 3.5

Ah, the anticipation. This fine Belgian (hard to go wrong with Belgian beers, though) pours white and very murky/cloudy, with a thick head and sweet nose. The taste is sweet and steady, with light citrus and floral notes. Quite pleasant and very much what you'd expect from a Belgian witte (wheat) beer. And it's far better than Blue Moon.


Hmm. In contrast to the other brews surveyed this month, this one's a deep, deep black, and smells like (surprise) fine coffee. But more interesting is the back-story here. Didja know that this one's made with coffee beans? How about rare, premium coffee beans? Well, yeah, but get this...these same choice (only the best) coffee beans are consumed by weasel-like Southeast Asian civet cats (google it), who, uhh, 'process' the coffee beans, then dookie them out after being treated (partially digested). Their droppings are then collected for the expensive coffee (and, thus, this beer). Yipes! Anyhow, what's really important is the taste, right? It's strong, pungent, alcoholic (10.9%), and very coffeelike. Really tasty stuff, and perfect if you like alcohol with your coffee. Yum.

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