Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sex Mob Meets Medeski - "Live In Willisau" CD

Knitting Factory staples Sex Mob were nominated for a Grammy in 2006 for their trippy-wild jazz/lounge hybrid album, 'Sexotica'. Here, they are joined with old compatriot John Medeski for a (relatively) more traditionally jazz-oriented jam session. But don't expect to hear much old-school stuff here. These guys mix it up with accents of funk, rock -- even film noir soundtracks -- in their lexicon. 'Black And Tan Fantasy', for example, runs the gamut from subtle and tentative to frantic and dynamic, with Briggan Krauss' alto sax bleating and funky drumming courtesy of Kenny Wolleson taking charge. Your grandfather's jazz this isn't. 'Down On The Farm' is a hilarious, frenetic, and loping beast that shows these guys aren't above having a good time onstage. If modern out-jazz is 'in', these cats have never left. Dig. (Thirsty Ear)

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