Monday, March 30, 2009

Lotus Plaza - "The Floodlight Collective" CD

The debut solo release from Deerhunter guitarist Lockett Pundt, is a woozy little collection of shimmery yet edgy pop sounds -- not surprising, considering the lineage. Anyhow, Pundt seems to be taking elements from both 60's sweet-pop and modern drone/shoegaze -- sounding like he's stepped out of a Creation (or Factory) record from the 80's. Make sense? It's an appealing and highly accessible set, from the relatively straight-forward 'Red Oak Way' to the gauzy blur of the splendid 'Quicksand', which bounces along like the Beach Boys on a psilocybin jaunt, with a bouncy drum rhythm and shards of gnarly noise. 'What Grows?' is a typical example of Lotus Plaza's genre-melding pop sounds -- simple melodies wrapped around textured guitars and distant, reverbed vocals. Fans of stuff like Slowdive will appreciate Pundt's ear for hazily-sweet melodies and moody aural scultptures. (Kranky)

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