Wednesday, October 29, 2008

JDG - "Living Underground" CD

When he's not releasing fine experimental sounds via his own indie label Cohort Records, John D. Gore creates his own. 'Living Underground' is a collection of 'manipulated field recordings', and this proves to be a fairly oppressive and gray set of textures. The opening cut reminds me of the sounds of machination and automation - like a subway tunnel mixed into oblivion. It's like a strange kind of dirty static. And with the album's title, it's not hard to believe that these recordings did originate from a subway tunnel. The lengthy second cut is more ambient, and brings a sort of drone underneath the distant rumble. Track 3 is more of a shrill drone/noise - the higher pitch seems to signify faster motion, perhaps. I can almost feel the ground move from the force of the trains, somehow. This ends up with a collage of sirens, which only enhances the stressful environment of 'Living Underground'. Overall, a fine set of urban soundscapes - definitely not a relaxing listen, but more one of kinetic energy and big-city unease. Industrial ambience, indeed! (Cohort Records)

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