Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Christina Carter - "Original Darkness" CD

As a half of Charalambides, Carter has been a major player in the modern folk/psychedelic realm. She has released numerous solo recordings, many of which in insanely limited quantities (read: collector's bonanza), and this is her third (relatively major) release on Kranky.

Created almost solely by Christina herself, 'Original Darkness' is the result of a single-minded vision indeed. Her wispy, ghostly ethereal songs here seem to function as an exorcism of sorts - but in a subtle and understated way. There are no rants or soul-rending here, as Carter's tense collection of moody, sometimes flighty, other times intensely and quietly introspective songs flitter and float above, casting a gray and shadowy cloud just overhead. She works her distinctive and vulnerable voice along minimal drones, gently-strummed/plucked guitars and atmospheric keyboards to create magickal songs that are more like incantations rather than hummable melodies or 'pop' songs. Christina Carter's music follows her own intuition, rather than established patterns or structures. 'Original Darkness' is a deeply personal and internal dialogue that at times can be as unsettling as it can be liberating. (Kranky)

Charalambides personal label, Wholly Other

Christina Carter bio page at Kranky

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