Friday, October 31, 2008

Boduf Songs - "How The Shadows Chase The Balance" CD

Englishman Mathew Sweet records his intimate and dark little songs alone, often at night, in his bedroom studio. And whatever spirits he is able to conjure, it seems he's more than comfortable in their presence. 'How The Shadows' is full of quiet and unassuming songs rife with stark atmospheres and an air of palpable blackness. Like the wonderful and moody photographs on his website, Sweet's music displays an isolationist tendency, but oddly, it's not (at all) a sad kind of vibe. Musically, it's a beautiful and melodic kind of acoustic guitar-oriented sound, but lyrically there's a lot more going on - some deeper, almost threatening contemplations and parables are at work within. It's a work of accomplished subtlety and near-Lovecraftian storytelling. On the surface, and instrumentally, Boduf Songs resembles a kind of 'folk', but this is the kind of 'folk' for fans of stuff like Neurosis, maybe. If black metal went slow and acoustic, this may well be the sound of it. Very enjoyable, and probably even better in the wee hours of the night. Thoroughly impressive! (Kranky)

Boduf Songs website

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