Thursday, August 21, 2008

'Taste Of Tongues' compilation CS (1984 Inner-X Musick USA)

This is a rare (500 copies were produced) collection of underground industrial tracks from some obscure 80's era artists, notably Massachusetts occult/fetish act Sleep Chamber - who released this on their/his own label - and several of their spin-offs (Hidious In Strength, 7 From Life, Women Of The SS, Massman). Also appearing here are still-active English darkwave act Attrition in their early (more surreal and experimental) days, and Belgium's Bene Gesserit and Human Flesh, who were fronted by Insane Music mainman and nice-guy Alain Neffe. Lots of weird, lo-fi, loopy, spooky, and psychotronic sounds for scaring potential mates! Whee!

Side A
Side B

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