Sunday, August 17, 2008

Cabaret Voltaire - "Rock City, Nottingham 05.26.82"

Those who know of the legendary Sheffield group Cabaret Voltaire know them as early 'industrial' music proponents, especially as the group pioneered the combinations of electronic sequences, found sounds, tape voices, and dance-oriented rhythms that would eventually define a genre.

What is less discussed is the serious mutant FUNK that (Stephen) Mallinder and (Richard H.) Kirk had. Their middle-period (early 80's) was funky in an urban sci-fi nightmare way. Predating much of what was later to become the tepid 'industrial dance' scene, the Cabs created odd and otherworldly soundscapes based around loose beats and hallucinogenic cut-ups.

This live recording, never officially released, is reportedly from the Rock City Club in Nottingham, from May 26, 1982. The quality is superb (actually worthy of release, and obviously soundboard) and this highlights some of the finest work Cabaret Voltaire were to produce, synthesizing their early avante-garde roots with forward-thinking electronic music, compete with accessible basslines and uneasy vocals.


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