Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"High Times Presents The 20th Anniversary Cannabis Cup" DVD

Assembling in Amsterdam every November, a great festival takes place, and it's one that probably couldn't exist anywhere else in the world. Here's where top growers (and consumers) make their pilgrimage to experience the world's finest weed and hash. But only one lucky type of greenery gets the crown.

Now, I'm no authority on this culture, but from the looks of things, it's a lot more involved and artful than the average ghetto-stuff on the streets here. Judges at the Cannabis Cup focus on taste, sensation, mood, and spiritual effect. Maybe it's a lot like a good craft beer or wine tasting?

Anyhow, this hour-long documentary interviews a variety of characters in the scene, and features some rather humorous moments (like the pompous and boastful New York 'group' that entered someone else's crop in the contest and called it their own - for shame). There are stoners galore here, naturally, and some likeable and mellow individuals who bring a good knowledge and enthusiasm for the contest and Amsterdam in general. Turns out the festival is a loosely-organized, but accurate assessment of the different (mostly) genetically-engineered strains of ganja, and it's a world-class convergence of cultures and like-minded aficionados. Cannabis Cup is a hub for international experts - from the habitual chronics (like Redman, who's appearance here shows the extent of his blunted-ness) to those with medicinal interests (a particular cancer survivor here is highlighted as well). Educational? Yes. Entertaining? Mildly.

There are some nice bonuses, too, as in a nice 'lesson' in cultivation from a leading authority in the dutch coffeehouse business. And the huge bonus booklet (it's actually bigger than some magazines) of ads, articles, and maps included with the DVD is simply a work of art.

It seems to me that ganja is far less harmful to our culture than alcohol, which is acceptable for any and everyone (provided you are 'of age'). Now, what government organization will be watching ME for posting this review? (High Times)

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