Wednesday, August 13, 2008

KetVector - "The Infinite Regress" CD

Being in an industrial act in the present day is a pretty shady proposition. Major labels want absolutely no part of you (that's no problem, though). Your audience is insulated and precious (and utterly tiny), and they usually dress really silly. And this is coming from a seriously-involved fan from way back before there was a dress code, Hot Topic, and before the wishy-washy gothy scene absorbed all the heavy and mean electronic sounds. Yeccch!

Anyway, Justin Bennett is no newbie or stranger, and it shows. His resume includes stints as drummer with Professional Murder Music, Thrill Kill Kult (who he still tours with), and these days, he works within the Skinny Puppy live band, as well as on other lesser-known projects called Bahntier and American Memory (with independent filmmaker and visual artist William Morrison).

On his debut as KetVector, he joins fellow Bahntier member Stefano Rosselo, and together, they manage to slice through all the crap and tedious stereotypes. 'The Infinite Regress' is an excellent and - if not innovative - a perfectly worthy collection of mostly instrumental soundtracks with plenty of dark cinematics, heavy rhythms, and expert live percussion. The ability to mess with the structures (and go on for weird, seemingly nonlinear noise tangents) is a skill which even Puppy themselves seem to have lost since their reformation.

Bennett's more than proven himself to be a worthy programmer, and it's a shame this release isn't getting larger media attention on a more prominent label (apparently Rustblade is an Italian micro-indie). A super-limited version of this album was available as a box set with a bonus disc (and some extra tracks), but nonetheless, any fan of classic Skinny Puppy will thoroughly enjoy this fine selection. (Rustblade)

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