Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clayton Jacobson - "Kenny"

This charming mockumentary from Australia is a triumphant look at an everyman (played by co-producer/co-writer Shane Jacobson, whose brother Clayton also co-wrote and directed) who happens to be employed as a port-a-john deliveryman/plumber. Convincingly honest, down-to-earth, and likeable, Kenny is assailed at all sides by family woes (his ex-wife is a royal pain), a disapproving (and cranky) father, and some incompetent workmates, as well as a son who he'd like to spend more quality time with.

In-between all this, he manages to earn a trip to Nashville, TN to attend a prestigious international plumbers convention - which leads him to meet a potential love interest named Jackie (who is a flight attendant on his airline) - and a work promotion when he seals a major deal with a large Japanese company - spearheaded by a Japanese drinking buddy he meets and deems ''Sushi Cowboy'.

But this is not another tale of the down-and-out loser, or the bumbling fool as it seems most American flicks of this ilk end up like. Somehow, you just feel good about Kenny and his choices. He is a respectable and virtuous man who happens to work 'in the shit'. His anecdotes are amusing, wise, and oftentimes hilarious, and it's actually a credit to the directors that his portrayal is so utterly realistic and human.

It's not 'lol' funny, but 'Kenny' is a rollicking good time of a movie, and here's hoping it gets more attention stateside.

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