Saturday, June 14, 2008

Rob Schmidt - "Right To Die (Masters Of Horror)"

Revenge from the afterlife! Okay, so I'm watching this Canadian-made Showtime horror series, each episode being a mini-movie, directed by sometimes-big-name horror directors. I've seen some good ones (Dario Argento's couple of episodes being in this category), but plenty of awful, rancid, and downright painfully pedestrian ones. 'Right To Die', by Rob Schmidt (of 'Wrong Turn', eh, 'fame') kinda comes up in the middle somewhere.

'Right To Die' is the tale of a husband who gets into a horrible auto accident, leaving his wife basically hamburger. It all gets even more twisted and painful when she haunts him from her deathbed - a payback for his infidelities. Not much depth, but plenty of violence and gore here. Eh, take it or leave it.

Masters Of Horror website

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