Sunday, June 8, 2008

Porcupine Defense - "Red Cross Radio Hymn" 2xCD

It seems harder to find good, solid electro-rock acts these days that don't tip over into tired techno-pop (future pop, or whatever shite it's being called in the lamer 'goth' clubs this month), or alternately, those that don't reach too far into metallic rock-star cliches.

Porcupine Defense aim to fix all that. This NY-based act, centered around multi-instrumentalist/vocalist/programmer Colin Schwen (formerly of Terminal Sect, reviewed in Godsend way back in 1995 or so), brings out the classic Wax Trax!-styled electronic rhythm lashings, tortured vocals, slash guitars, and ambient-inspired strings like it's never gone out of style. Fans of stuff like 16 Volt, Skinny Puppy, or Ministry should definitely look into Porcupine Defense. And, if it helps, their latest work includes a cover of Nine Inch Nails' venomous classic 'Reptile'. This release, basically a double-CD worth of heavy electronic-industrial destruction, is titled 'Red Cross Radio Hymn', and is available for free download through their website:
Primordial Music
or for further info:
Porcupine Defense site

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