Saturday, June 14, 2008

House Of Fire - "House Of Fire" CD

Beginning with the lovely, 12-string majesty of 'The Apple And The Blade', this new Pennsylvania-based group begins their swirly debut trip. 'House Of Fire' collects 9 tracks, with some songs mixed or mastered by Shimmy Disc's Kramer himself, and the sparklingly deep production only helps the group's cause. Appealing easily to fans of stuff like the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Black Angels, or even the early Church, it all sounds very British, and like a stoned-out mixing of 60's jangle pop and modern shoegaze - a really interesting and palatable melding indeed. I really liked this one, as it's consistently catchy (i.e. well-written songs), and simultaneously nicely spacy. 'Don't Go To Hell Without Me', with it's well-placed sitar and woozy vibe, could be a long-lost Verve outtake (high praise), and the aptly-titled 'Lazy' practically defeats Anton Newcombe (BJM) at his own game. Very fine work, and definitely world-class, so if you need a new drone-pop fix, here's your poison. (Universal Warning Records)


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