Thursday, July 2, 2015

“Scream Park” DVD (director: Cary Hill)

Mediocre slasher with Ogre and Pinhead

Another ultra-low budget horror flick with an affinity for the classic 80s slashers here, featuring a couple of notable cast members. Unfortunately, there’s little else here worthy of mention. The premise is simple — a failing amusement park owner decides to create a “media sensation” by hiring insane redneck thugs to commit murders at the park. The park’s teen employees, enjoying a night of drinking and partying, end up being hunted, one-by-one, by the maniacs (one played by an often-masked Ogre from Skinny Puppy).

Not much else to say here, aside from a memorable appearance by Doug Bradley (Pinhead from “Hellraiser”). The usual grisly killings are here, alongside some mediocre acting, and a bit of nudity (the appealingly busty Kailey Marie Harris drops some wondrous double-D bombs), but overall this one just falls flat (unintentional pun), not distinguishing itself from a thousand others just like it.

“Scream Park” isn’t terrible, but it is unremarkable and fairly pedestrian. Serious slasher fans could do worse, but casual horror geeks can take it or leave it in good conscience.

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