Friday, April 3, 2015

“Necrophile Passion” DVD (director: Tom Heidenberg)

German sicko trashiness

Taking obvious cues (even the box art and font are rip-offs) from the German sicko "classic" “Nekromantik”, this rather foul and explicit descendent/copycat (also, oddly, from Germany, complete with English subtitles) does take itself quite shockingly far, with loads of nudity and rather dubious and vile sex scenes. 

The protagonist is a lonely, troubled, and unlikeable lout with a history of abuse (from an annoying and unloving girlfriend, which seems to be his main hangup). He graduates from simply cutting himself to even more nefarious deeds when he discovers a nude, freshly killed young woman in a woods. It needn't be told what he does to the corpse after a bit of rumination. The lout is played in a mostly wooden fashion by Gunther Brandl, who spends his spare time lazily sulking around his house considering more vile deeds or suicide. I say more power to him, as this guy is really unlikeable in just about every way. Anyway, he eventually decides to get revenge on his hateful girlfriend. Without giving away any spoilers, the ending is indeed a surprise. 

I give “Necrophile Passion” trash-film points for being pretty well disgusting, and with no short supply of breasts or explicit sex scenes. Otherwise, the acting is shallow and unconvincing, the effects adequate at best, and the script pretty unoriginal. Best to leave this one in the bins and invest in Jorg Buttgereit’s great (and still disgustingly shocking) “Nekromantik”.

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