Sunday, October 27, 2013

Beer: Schlafly American Brown Ale

SCHLAFLY AMERICAN BROWN ALE (St.  Louis, MO) - 3.75 (good)

St. Louis is a known as one of America's brewing centers (historically speaking, at least). Sure, the big player resides there, but there's also a pretty substantial craft beer scene in St. Louis. Spearheading that scene, and indeed pioneering it, is Schlafly Brewing. We here at Goatsden have enjoyed plenty of Schlafly's fine ales through the years, so we know to trust them.

Recently, the company added a canning line, and we're seeing some solid session ales come out of that. This American Brown Ale pours a caramel-amber, with a huge, oversized head of foam, and some thick, ornate, and detailed lace.

Nose is caramel and nuts. Very malty, and pretty well spot-on for a brown ale.

Taste is toasty and malty, with a hint of roasted nuts. I get a snappy hops presence at the finish. Overall, solid, but not world class. 

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