Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mierdaster - "La Furia" CD

Veteran Chilean hardcore metal act Mierdaster here bring their 4th full-length, and it's a solid metallic assault that takes cues from several heavy genres. There are definitely accents of punk rock and hardcore in tracks like "La Envidia" or "Verte Caer", being full of singalong choruses and crisp highs and lows. The guitarwork is clean and layered, whereas vocalist Mauricio Almazan has both a melodic side as well as a gutteral power metal scowl. 

"Infierno" showcases guitarists Martin Capdevila and Claudio Melo with some serious leads and a definite nod to classic metal. "Idiosincrasia" also shows an affinity for the golden era of metal. "Predicador" is a hyped-up hardcore cut, while the remainder of the album mixes it up similarly. Solid work here, not going too far out on a limb, but more than listenable for heavy rock fans.

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