Saturday, May 11, 2013

Beer: Williams Brothers Brewing - Historic Ales From Scotland

This set of Scottish ancient ales is produced by Williams Brothers Brewing in Scotland, and showcases some herbed beer variations that aren't made anywhere else.

According to the literature included in this lavishly-packaged 4-bottle set, these were all made according to ancient recipes, and all utilize local Scottish ingredients. Remember that my beer rating scale ranges from 1 (awful) to 5 (awesome). 


Pours a ruddy amber, with a limited head and no lace. Nose is nicely woodsy, with definite spruce and pine needles and oils coming through prominently. Quite unique and appealing! Tastes delicious -- very malty sweet, but the woody pine/spruce infusion adds an entirely different profile to this brew. 

I would gladly buy more of these if they were more widely available!


Pours a clean amber, with a solid head of off-white suds. Little residual lace. Nose is floral and honey-like, with some unusual herbal tones. Not bad. Taste is more of the herbal, with a touch of fruit in the mix somehow. Definitely a malt-based ale, this one brings a floral finish. 

Enjoyable and different from the usual craft ales.


Pours pretty well black, with only slight carbonation. No lace at all. Aroma is roasty -- actually very stout-like with some definite fruit notes. Tastes just as roasty and fruity, with tones of chocolate, raisins, dried berry, and an unusual herbal tone. 

A curious melding of a roasty stout and a fruit ale, this one is well worthy of a try.

GROZET - 3.5

Pours a clean amber, with limited carbonation and virtually no lace. Nose is unusual and fruity, with a hint of sour somehow. Not bad. Taste is fruit (gooseberry?) up front, with a follow-through of cereal grains. The finish ends up with a tinge of hops. But it's slight. Very moderate.

Enjoyable, and certainly not bad, just somehow underwhelming.

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