Saturday, May 4, 2013

"Last Shop Standing" DVD (director: Pip Piper)

This British documentary is a sort of love letter to indie record shops, and includes interviews with various veteran record shop owners, workers, fans, and other assorted denizens. As well, names like Johnny Marr, Paul Weller, Norman Cook, Billy Bragg, and Clint Boon provide their thoughts on the whole culture of physical record buying and music shops themselves being places of sanctuary and discovery. As a fast-approaching middle-ager myself, I recall times when great and obscure musical discoveries and connections were made at small indie record shops in the Midwestern US. In essence, I can relate.

"Last Shop Standing" doesn't feature any overly clever angle, but serves as a historical look at some of England's most-beloved shops. I'm sure those who frequented these mom-n-pop operations will be grateful to see their mentors and favorite clerks here. Me? I'm just sad it's come to this. Thanks, iTunes. But thanks, more, to stores like Ear X-Tasy, Headstone Friends, Landlocked Music, Reckless Records, T.D.s Music, and others through the years who supplied the inspirations to my life since the 80s. 

(Convexe Entertainment)

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