Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Infectious Garage Disease - "Infectious Garage Disease" CD

Now this is a retrospective/historical release done right! Infectious Garage Disease were a California thrash punk band, and in 1988 they released their one and only LP, which is the foundation for this re-release. Joined by 22 demotape tracks (there are well over 40 cuts here), this disc is filled out to just under the 60 minute mark. With the addition of video files and mp3s of live mayhem, it's all a fan could hope to ask for. Really, it's a comprehensive history of this forgotten band. And I like it.

I.G.D. had a sound that, sadly, doesn't much exist today. Speedy, juvenile, and fun, this proto-hardcore punk was snotty and witty, dealing with important subjects like beer ("Milwaukee's Best"), teenage lust ("Dear Pops"), addiction ("Porno Junkie"), frivolity ("Thongs"), social issues ("Starve & Die"), disease ("Pubic Lice"), and many more. 

The demotapes aren't quite as, uh, refined (maybe "honed" is a better word), but the amount of sheer punk energy here is tactile, and reminds me of a less-complicated time, seeing bands much like I.G.D. locally in small venues. Great stuff, and worthy of such a fine re-release.

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