Friday, March 15, 2013

"The Story Of Rock 'N Roll Comics" DVD (director: Ilko Davidov)

If you grew up in the 80s or 90s, you may remember "Rock 'N Roll Comics". This upstart underground publishing company produced a shit-ton of unauthorized rock biographies in comic book form. The company, founded by Todd Loren, kindled the ire of many of the featured bands (or more specifically, their merchandising and management companies).

This documentary covers the little-known life and times of Loren, from the beginning of his dealings in the music business with rock memorabilia company Musicade (who I'm pretty sure I used to order from) to his short-lived Rock 'N Roll Comics venture. Loren was an incendiary character, with little business acumen and, according to some of the friends interviewed here, even fewer social skills. Loren was found murdered in 1992, in a case still unsolved.

"The Story Of Rock 'N Roll Comics" features interviews with many of Loren's colleagues, friends, and family members, as well as names like Alice Cooper and Mojo Nixon, both of whom were supporters of Loren's free speech cause as he battled rock giants like Guns 'N Roses, Bon Jovi, or even New Kids On The Block, in court. It's an engrossing look at one of America's underground comics' "dirty little secrets". 

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