Saturday, February 16, 2013

"Super Pack Zombies" DVD

In a sea of derivative and opportunistic zombie flicks, this DVD, which actually is 4 different micro-indies on a single disc, doesn't hold it's own in any way. As much as I appreciate smaller indie films, there isn't a single thing here redeeming enough to recommend.

The first movie is "Porn Star Zombies" (director: Keith Emerson). First, for any fans of porn stars OR zombies, this one's underwhelming. You would at least expect an over-the-top sleaze quotient here, but even titties are a rarity here. The gory zombie effects are forgettable, too. I give credit only for the director using a main street "zombie walk" for part of the finale.

Up second is "Bunker Of Blood" (director: George Bonilla). Hmm. I thought it couldn't get much worse after "Porn Star Zombies", but it did. "Bunker" makes such a mess, I can't properly put it to words. Indie films shouldn't attempt a major action spectacle if they can't pull off a credible facsimile, and this one fails heavily with poor, poor digital effects, cheesy sound effects, duck-taped sets (I kid you not), and a G.I. Joe clone "hero" named "Taggart". Imagine a lame "Doomsday Preppers" with unconvincing "zombies" and you'll be close. Just dismal.

Next up we have "Office Of The Dead" (director: Matthew Chung), which is, as the title suggests, a tongue-in-cheek hybrid of "The Office" and George Romero's "Living Dead" series. I can't honestly say that this is worth a look, but it's leagues ahead of others in this set. 

Finally, there is "Bled White" (director: Jose Carlos Gomez), which isn't half bad. Which means it IS half bad, as well. Credit should go to the cinematography, though, which casts the film in nicely sharp but cold and monochromatic light. I caught plenty of creative and interesting camera angles, as well, so kudos for that. This one's a series of vignettes that are vaguely related to a zombie apocalypse. 

To sum up, avoid this one. There are dozens of lame, unoriginal zombie rip-offs out there, and "Super Pack Zombies" fits in that category quite well.

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