Monday, January 7, 2013

Woodchuck Hard Ciders

With the cider world expanding rapidly and competing, to some extent, with the beer market, it's high time I look closer at this historic and delicious beverage.

In America, Woodchuck Cidery, based in Middlebury, Vermont, dominates the marketplace, with a variety of different cider varietals, limited editions, and seasonals. So, with that  in mind, I searched out a wide array of Woodchuck's ciders and present my tastings to you. 


This is the original, flagship cider from pioneering Woodchuck cidery, and a favorite with good reason. It's slightly spiced, perfecty balanced, and quite delicious.


Needless to say, this nearly-clear-complected cider is a more tart, sour apple variety, harnessing the attributes of the green apple. Still, this one's nicely balanced and quite enjoyable.


This one strikes a different taste, as could be expected. Light (at only 4% ABV), this tasty "cider" variation uses sweet pear juice, as opposed to apple. I love a good pear, and this one's perfectly enjoyable.


This light and pale "cider" is another subtle variation on the cider theme. Happily, I can report that the raspberry taste here has no weird or artificial aftertastes (as do many fruit beers I've had). Solid.


This seasonal blend is a marvelous mix of French and American oak (I assume it's aged in oak barrels?) and Woodchuck's trademark well-balanced cider. Delicious, crisp, and complex.


The strongest (at 6.9%) of the regular Woodchuck line, this seasonal is really limited (produced for only 2.5 hours on the bottling line), and really delicious. This one adds, naturally, a sweet and mellow pumpkin infusion to the cider blend. What results is a warm, Fall-type flavor that's not too sweet or spicy. There's no hint of the nutmeg/cinnamon/allspice that pumpkin beers often exhibit, either, so if those bother you, don't hesitate to try this lovely and unique cider. 

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