Saturday, January 12, 2013

Torture Division - "Evighetens Darar" CD

Compiling 3 of the Swedish band's 2009-2010 demos, this 10-song, 28-minute set shows the Swedish metal band's ferocity amiably, without question. The first thing I noticed here is the clear, punchy sound. Turns out this is mixed and mastered by the legendary Dan Swano, so that explains part of it.

Musically, though, Torture Division bring an ultra-heavy death/power metal sound on their own. The opener, "Traumatic Inhuman Severance" is violent and potent. "Eld Och Plagor" mixes it up with an evil atmospheric breakdown before returning with another fearsome onslaught of machine-like tension and menace. "Righteous Fore Ensemble" is pure death metal, but with such great production, I can't help but appreciate the precision and, though I hate to use the word, brutality. Simply said, this is a superlative recording.

Besides making some tight and devastating metal, the band is known for "giving" their music away. They retain all rights to the music, and invite anyone to download (name your own price) and reproduce for your friends. So, in effect, Torture Division is a non-profit band. Support these guys as they smoke. 

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