Sunday, November 11, 2012

"Women Ordered To Love" DVD (director: Werner Klingler)

This 1963 film, surprisingly filmed and produced in Germany by a German director, set the stage for the later Nazi sexploitation films (like the infamous "Ilsa: She Wolf Of The SS"). But whereas later films of the genre normally went the ultra-trashy, sleazy, comic-book fantasy route, "Women Ordered To Love" (known better by its original title, simply "Ordered To Love") was a straight-ahead drama, with a milder, more tempered nature. And it remains a decent film, with surprisingly detailed sets and realism.

The film's premise? Not hard to detect, but it follows a troupe of lovely women who are selected to serve their country as breeders, and are provided for by the Nazi elite as little more than sex slaves, and to help in the creation of the "master race". Well, some of the ladies (and a guard) decide that this is wrong, and that love (as opposed to the state) should dictate who becomes pregnant. At its heart, "Ordered To Love" is a love story, set in Nazi Germany.

It seems odd to me that Germans themselves would re-visit this era voluntarily (keep in mind that this film was made only 20 years after the war), but here's evidence that not all German directors wanted to brush the country's recent history under the rug right away. "Women Ordered To Love" may not be a piece of classic cinema, but it is a cult curiosity that deserves to be remembered. (CFS Releasing)

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