Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aesthetische - "Powerswitch" CD

From former members of Brazil's top industrial dance/rock acts (Aghast View and Biopsy), this new project mines familiar territory. Opening with the hard club beats of "Brennbar!", the sequencers and gruff vocals continue through the generic "Less But More", which could be Front Line Assembly or Front 242 or any of the other hard dance stompers from the 90s, if only it had it's own personality.

"Stupid People Fuck Off" makes a case for more instrumental music from these guys, as the lyrics are as inane and juvenile as the title implies. Granted, English isn't their first language, but this is embarrassing! Ditto for the cheesy cover art, which shows the depths that the once-intelligent "industrial" scene has devolved into. I do concede that "Powerswitch" has some clean and punchy production, but the lack of songs, originality, and soul leaves me just cold. (Alfa Matrix)

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