Sunday, September 30, 2012

Beer is Life!

It's time again for more beer reviews. Expect even more in the coming weeks, as this site becomes better balanced amongst the, sound, and flavor! 

Remember to keep it indie, keep it local, and keep it artful! Beer is food, and food is life, so wouldn't beer be life? Goatsden thinks so. 

Here are a few more recent reviews. Try them yourself and see if you agree, and let us know! Until next time, prost!

Amber with hints of ruby upon pouring from the can, with a huge head of foam and gorgeous lace. Nose is sweet grapefruit, as is the taste. It's a sticky mouthfeel, being gloriously hopped, but with an underlying backbone of big malts as well, lurking beneath the palate-shocking hops. Definitely one for the hardcore hop-heads here. Solid, and a good experience, for sure.

This cloudy, pale yellow light lager pours with a nice head, but no lace to note.
The aroma is definitely blueberry, but more in line with a Nehi soda than fresh. Taste is very light, and not at all complex. There's a sure blueberry-like character, but it's a weird and funky sweet that clashes with the lager grains. Maybe I'm swayed by the bottle stating prominently that there's "artificial flavor added", but this just seems wrong. The finish is despicable and chemical-like. Awful.

Very light but cloudy yellow in complexion, with a full head and detailed lace. Impressive. The nose is positively delectable, being intensely fruity with a deep citrus hops ester vibe. Flavor is tough up front, with a bitter pine/grapefruit hops bite. I get a light hint of tea and spice towards the finish. Unique and quite enjoyable!

A fairly typical pilsner here, pouring yellowish with a white head and big, loopy lace. The aroma is lagery and grainy - definitely heavy on the malts. Tastewise, it's rather sweet, but not overly so, with a tinge of hoppiness at the finish. Solid, if forgettable.

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