Monday, July 2, 2012

Tellitron - "Not A Nightmare Just A Bad Dream" CDR

Evansville native Thomas Ellis' solo project Tellitron has been active for a number of years, even playing some live gigs in Illinois. Nonetheless, "Not A Nightmare" is the first I've heard, and it's a sturdy set of 9 well-composed songs. Tellitron's energetic rock/electronic hybrid echoes dark 80s post-punk icons like Peter Murphy or early Ministry, with plenty of live instrumentation and a proto-synthpop vibe.

The dramatic and propulsive "A Reunion (To End All Reunions)" opens, and is certainly a highlight, as is "Loyalty To The Band", which wrestles it's anthemic melody into your head with startling ease. "10:22" is a darkened and claustrophobic post-punk mantra that could almost be Public Image meets Bauhaus. The remaining tracks also harken back with eighties stylings, yet never lapsing fully into a "retro" category. Surprisingly developed songwriting, solid production, and a lot of fun to listen to, Tellitron's grooves are both accessible and edgy. (self-released)

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