Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"Rockwell - A Night Of Legendary Collaborations" DVD

As a gala benefit for the Nordoff-Robbins music therapy program, this one-time only 2011 London concert showcased some of pop's heavy hitters, and featured some unlikely onstage collaborations. Sadly, it's mostly pretty underwhelming.

On this 14-song DVD, we get highlights from Robert Plant, Razorlight, Joss Stone, Tom Jones, David Gray, and Escala. Overall, forgettable and rather "by-the-numbers". Robert Plant is the sole standout, as he dares to re-imagine several classic Led Zeppelin songs with an African flavor. The all-star finale of "Let It Be", performed by everyone except Plant, is a thorough disappointment and an indulgent mess, with Stone's annoying wail filling in every space Lennon & McCartney intended to keep open. A good benefit and cause, but only serious fans of Robert Plant need check this out. (Masterpieces via MVD Visual)

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