Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"SpokAnarchy!" DVD (directors: David W. Halsell, Erica K. Schisler, Jon Swanstrom, Heather Swanstrom, Theresa Halsell, and Cory Wees)

This fun, energetic, and interesting documentary is subtitled "Where were you in '82?", and that sums up this look into Spokane's loose-knit underground & punk scene in the early 80s. Interviewing a number of scenesters, band members, artists, and associates from the years "before punk broke", "SpokAnarchy" also features a wealth of rare photos, flyer art, and live clips of bands who never "made it", but are now, fortunately, immortalized in digital form.

Suffice to say, if you weren't from Spokane in the 80s, you've likely never heard of these artists, renegades, outsiders, and punks, but I think nearly anyone from a small, conservative town can relate. There are so many great stories and memories, most of which are forgotten as time and technology march onwards. Congrats to all the filmmakers here, for capturing a time and place that would be long since forgotten. I'm inspired again, and wish someone would make a film like this about my own "small-town" punk scene. Hmm. (Carnage & Rouge/MVD Visual)

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