Monday, June 25, 2012

"P.O.E. - Poetry Of Eerie" DVD

An anthology of short films based on Edgar Allan Poe tales, "P.O.E." is, for the most part, a collection of Italian directors who were allowed only 3 days to complete their work. As a result, there are plenty of rather forgettable and hackneyed pieces here, among a few memorable gems.

Most of Poe's best-loved tales of desperation, sorrow, guilt, loneliness, and paranoia are here, and inspired works are generated by Matteo Corazza (who takes "Glasses" to in a sexy, modern direction), Paulo Gaudio (who interprets "The Black Cat" faithfully in excellent claymation style), Guiliano Giacometti (who takes some stylistic pages from Dario Argento in his colorful version of "Berenice"), Domiziano Cristopharo (who takes "Maelzel's Chess Automaton" into a strange and modern direction), and, finally, Yumiko Sakura Itou, who retells "Song" as a Japanese seppuku scene -- oddly poetic and beautiful, somehow. 

There are 13 short films here, so there's some pretty pedestrian work here to wade through, but serious Poe fans will certainly find something here of value, as "P.O.E." is an interesting set of homages from an Italian point of view. (Elite/MVD Visual)

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