Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Headspace" DVD (director: Andrew Van Den Houten)

A nicely-done psychological horror here from 2005, and with some name actors, as well. "Headspace" is the tale of a young man (played well by Christopher Denham)  who finds himself plagued by tortured visions, extreme headaches, and an increased intellect after meeting a mysterious street-side chess-master. A series of murders occurs, and Denham's character is somehow involved.

This well-shot and directed (and intelligent) little film also includes appearances by the lovely Olivia Hussey, Sean Young, Dee Wallace Stone, and Udo Keir. And while "Headspace" doesn't feature a lot of blood and guts (aside from an early shotgun blast) or sex (aside from a particularly nice one with Pollyanna McIntosh), it's a solid and tense film that holds it's own in a polished and subtle fashion. (Modern Cine/MVD Visual)

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