Sunday, June 17, 2012

"Daylight" DVD (director: David Barker)

Ah, finally -- a micro-indie film with intelligence and subtlety. "Daylight" is a dark drama (not horror, as the packaging would have you believe) that features a young European couple who, on their way to a wedding somewhere in the rural states, fall prey to a team of kidnappers.

The pregnant wife Irene (played with a subtle eroticism by Alexandra Meierhans) gets to know the kidnappers as she is held hostage in an old farmhouse. Her relationships with her captors is subtle, and we're not always sure who is playing who. The kidnappers also have some depth, being quite polite to Irene, but with an underlying sense of unhinged menace. As the kidnappers' schemes gradually go astray, Irene uses her wits to avoid being injured or abused, all the while watching her naive (but murderous) kidnappers fall apart. 

"Daylight" is an engrossing, well-shot, well-directed, and all around well-done film that deserves to be seen. Do yourself a favor and find this one. (Cinema Purgatorio)

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