Friday, March 2, 2012

Prima Donna - "Bless This Mess" CD

Hollywood, California-based glam/power-pop act Prima Donna's debut comes with some impressive credentials. Production by Dave Sardy gives the songs room to breathe, and a clean, true sound that doesn't over-gloss the band's raw and rock-oriented nature. And touring support from friends Green Day can't hurt, either, as Prima Donna's punk roots show a marked similarity to Green Day's more sing-a-long elements.

"Sociopath" opens as a spunky and almost greasy pop-punk anthem in the great Ramones tradition. "Maxine" is more power-pop in vibe, as is "Feral Children". In truth, just about any of these tracks could be singles. "Broken" is another favorite, but I could go on and on. Suffice to say, "Bless This Mess" is packed with plenty of reckless rock songs with just enough melody and tuneful catchiness. Enjoyable. (Acetate Records)

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