Friday, March 2, 2012

Michael Schenker Group - "Rockpalast" DVD

Formerly a member of German pre-metal acts UFO and the Scorpions, Schenker's pedigree as a hard rock guitarist is impeccable, and he's largely considered one of the greatest metal guitarists around. When he struck out on his own, he enlisted the help of vocalist Gary Barden, bassist Chris Glen, keyboardist Paul Raymond, and drummer Cozy Powell to fill out his band.

Captured live in Hamburg in 1981, just after the release of the first MSG album, this concert was filmed for German TV, and is only now being re-released onto DVD. It's a solid quality, multi-camera affair, capturing plenty of different angles and intimate close-ups of a classic metal outfit in their heyday. A solid document of an influential guitar figurehead and his impressive band. ( via MVD Visual)

Schenker's website

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