Friday, December 23, 2011

Richard Kern - "Shot By Kern" DVD

"Shot By Kern" is a collection of 20 short "webisodes", created by famous underground filmmaker Kern. His subjects? Women. In this series, Kern photographs natural women, most often nude (at least as much as they want to show), all the while interviewing them about their lives, attitudes, family, etc. And though prudes out there may disagree, this is not pornography. There's no sexual acts, just all types of "everygirls" giving us, the viewer, a somewhat voyeuristic look into their private lives. Call it exhibitionism, too, and Kern just happens to be the catalyst to capture it. These ladies want to be free, and Kern is their portal.

The beauty of Kern's work is that he bucks the trends, never showcasing artificial women. We get ladies of a variety of styles, from lesbians to aspiring Brazilian models to alternative/punk rock girls. Kern doesn't embellish or airbrush anything, and, if anything, that makes "his" girls so attractive. You might know one.

That said, the first episode is an extended visit with Sasha Grey herself. Of course, she's a wee bit more comfortable being photographed naked than most of the other girls, but she's a fascinating subject nonetheless.

In short, "Shot By Kern" is a very worthwhile, even unforgettable series of vignettes presenting women on their own terms, being themselves, and not "performing". It's a breath of fresh air in a world of artificiality and marketing. I am looking forward to volume two! (MVD Visual)

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