Friday, December 23, 2011

Manic Bloom - "In Loving Memory" CD

Nashville act Manic Bloom's second release is an 8-song set of melodic rock tunes that punch with an edge, yet manage to stay clean, ear-friendly, and song-based. Opening with the instrumental electronic moods of "La Naissance", these boys ratchet up the energy on the single-worthy "Never Back Down".

Fans of stuff like 30 Seconds To Mars, Kill Hannah, or Muse (especially on the proggy "Toynbee") will likely find something to enjoy in Manic Bloom, as the band's sparkling melodies and cohesive, well-produced sound is both deep and still radio-friendly. "In Loving Memory" boasts of several potential hit songs, and given the right backing, I'd expect to hear these guys again quite soon. (Brinklebrand Records)

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