Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paul Ellis - "From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness" CD

Over 70 minutes of shimmering and rhythmic electronic space music from veteran composer Ellis. Tracks like "The Click And Chime Of Passing Time" are far more linear and melodic than ambient, though. Imagine a melding of Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream and you won't be far from this pleasant extended 5-song collection. "Firefly Rising Outshined By The Moon" is sonic wallpaper, I'm sorry to say, not engaging in the least. The title track brings a little more depth (and darkness) to the party, though, with swells of ominous drone and wispy electronic effects. "Watch The Stars Come One By One" is vivacious and lively, with piano-like melodies and angular rhythms creating a music box-like effect. A solid set of meditational tunes, not without fault, but worth a listen for space music heads. (Lotuspike)

Paul Ellispace

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