Saturday, August 20, 2011

"Robert Plant's Blue Note" DVD

This lengthy (155 minute) documentary exhaustively details the former Led Zeppelin frontman's history, from his initial inspirations of classic rock & roll and blues to his recent forays into Americana and bluegrass. The scope of this man's musical interests is deep and varied, indeed. His explorations of Arabic musics is examined in detail, and Plant is shown as much more than a rock singer. Rather, he's a renaissance man and an artist of the first order.

It's an unauthorized bio, but this one succeeds, tapping plenty of actual interviews with Plant himself alongside the usual array of writers, journalists, and critics. As well, we're treated to plenty of video of Plant in action and on-stage, from his rock-god days to his shaky solo work in the 80's to his newer, classier Americana and blues-tinged duets with Alison Krauss.

An excellent history lesson on a music legend. I learned a lot, and thus this one comes recommended. (Sexy Intellectual via MVD Visual)

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