Friday, August 19, 2011

"The Death Of Andy Kaufman" DVD (director: Christopher Maloney)

This fascinating documentary examines comedian/wrestler/prankster/weirdo Andy Kaufman's short career and the possibility of his own staged death and subsequent disappearance from public life.

Maloney builds this somewhat-thin film with archival footage of Kaufman's often-bizarre stage shows and TV appearances. Kaufman's character and genius are examined, before several important and curious details of his 1984 "passing" are dissected, often with the help of Kaufman's personal friends and family. This speculation has created a heap of controversy as to Kaufman's whereabouts, and if he's really "dead" at all. Maloney presents startling evidence, but after 27 years, the hope that we'll ever know the truth about the comedian's mysterious death may never be known.

Overall, a very curious work for conspiracy theorists as well as fans of Kaufman's offbeat characters and memorable comedy career. (Wild Eye via MVD Visual)

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