Friday, June 3, 2011

Neil Young - "Here We Are In The Years - Neil Young's Music Box" DVD

A 2-hour unauthorized analysis of Young's musical influences, this one isn't so much a bio of the Canadian rock renaissance man as it is a look at what the man himself was listening to at various stages in his long and storied career. There's no interviews with Neil himself, only a series of journalists, writers, and historians who examine (with critical eyes and ears) the various facets and periods of Young's music.

Beginning with the early rock and roll and rhythm-and-blues (Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis, Chuck Berry), the disc travels into folk (Dylan, Ian and Sylvia) to punk (Sex Pistols) to electronics (Kraftwerk, Devo) and "grunge" (Pearl Jam, Nirvana). "Here We Are..." is an interesting behind-the-scenes look at an influential and ever-evolving artist who has always followed his own muse. Young is a musical treasure, and this examination of what inspired him is a must for any serious fan. (Chrome Dreams via MVD Visual)

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