Sunday, May 29, 2011

"23rd Psalm" DVD (director: Christopher C. Odom)

A curious urban indie murder drama that's well-done, if not for the boatload of christian baggage it forces in from every angle. But despite the overwhelming theological content, "23rd Psalm" is still an entertaining and complex film, even for a heathen like me. Hah!

Solid acting, and with a nicely twisty script, this one maintained my interest. Markhum Stansbury Jr. stars as John Smith, a detective who battles his own alcoholism and faith in an attempt to resolve the murder of a supposedly reborn prostitute (played by the fetching Arnita Champion). Sure, the preachiness and Biblical prose are overt and heavy-handed, but director Odom paints a fairly contemporary and realistic portrait of the complex personalities that make up our society. Not bad. (Vendetta Filmworks)

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