Sunday, November 21, 2010

Darshan Ambient - "A Day Within Days" CD

Veteran composer Michael Allison is Darshan Ambient, and this is his 9th album of pleasant and fleeting melodic electronic-based instrumental music. "A Day Within Days" is completely composed and performed by Allison, and it's an impressive collection of music that centers around melody and song, while retaining the moods and gauzy qualities of ambient music. It all sounds natural and approachable, especially on the shimmering "One Moon Shows In Every Pool". "A Deeper Blue" is a moving and serene piece, with piano leading the melodic charge. "The Long Rain" is a dramatic and lovely string-based composition that would fit well as part of a film score. The ending, "It's You", is a spacious, mature ambient pop song with Allison performing vocals, reminding me somehow of Peter Gabriel or David Sylvian, which isn't a bad thing. "A Day Within Days" is a refreshingly human album of tuneful electronic sounds that will warm even the chilliest winter's day. (Lotuspike)

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